Joseph R. Folkman - The Power of Feedback

Joseph R. Folkman - The Power of Feedback
The Power of Feedback
The process of review and feedback is common in most organizations. At one time or another, we will all likely receive feedback on our professional performance. But, unfortunately, most organizations and individuals don't know how to use the feedback they receive to improve their performance. As a result, nothing ever changes. The quality of feedback isn't the problem; it's what we do with it that counts. For business leaders and their organizations, as well as professionals in any industry, listening to and acting on feedback is the best and most effective way to become more competent, capable, and effective. In "The Power of Feedback", performance specialist Joseph Folkman presents thirty-five principles that help people and organizations turn feedback into real, effective, and long-term change. He shows you how to determine which feedback instruments will work for you and how to make the best use of their results. Based on his many years consulting with thousands of business leaders and professionals around the world, Folkman shows how highly effective people use feedback differently than the rest of us. Rather than focusing on the negatives feedback reveals, the most effective people focus instead on the positives feedback uncovers. They use feedback to discover their professional strengths, increase their skills, and turn their strengths into long-term advantages. After all, the most successful people don't do everything well; they do a few things very well. That's the true power of feedback. The thirty-five principles in this book a re practical tools you can use to maximize the value of the feedback you receive. Together, they'll put you on the right track for positive change, showing you how to understand the feedback you receive, accept it with the proper attitude, prioritize your efforts, and make the long-term changes that lead to real improvement.